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Privacy Policy

Our business is to provide utilities for your Android phone which will assist you with day to day tasks. This requires monitoring the device to see if a call is incoming, if wifi connectivity has been lost, and other similar situations. Any application data that is saved (such as settings) is done so locally and is not communicated to any servers. We do not store any information about you. If you would like to know why permissions are requested, see the break down per application below.

Seer (Silence Everything Except Ringer)


  • Phone: Lets Seer be informed if a call is incoming, so it can change the volume
  • Storage: Allows Seer to save your settings
  • Do Not Disturb Access (Android 7.0+): Do Not Disturb access allows Seer to silence your notifications

RiLo (Ring Louder)


  • Contacts: Lets RiLo show the user’s contacts so they can pick who they want to add to the app
  • Location: Used with SMS Actions, will let RiLo get the GPS coordinates of the phone so it can send it over the SMS action
  • Phone: Lets RiLo know when a configured contact calls, so then it will be able to change the volume up when the desired number of attempts is met
  • SMS: Lets RiLo read the SMS Actions
  • Storage: Allows RiLo to save your settings

Have More Questions?

Please contact us, we would love to clarify any questions you may have.