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About Our App

Smart Actions lets you automate your phone. Whether it be to simply silence your phone at work, or something more advanced like calling a RESTful api. Smart Actions can handle it all.


Powerful Utility

Smart Actions is created with its user's needs in mind, whether it be basic actions, or advanced ones. Forgot to raise your alarm volume last night? No worries Smart Actions has your back. If you're looking for more advanced features, it can be used to do something such as send an HTTP Post to a server when you tap a configured NFC tag.

Easy To Customize

Used automation apps before? More often than not they are so tough to follow. With Smart Actions we wanted to make it super easy to follow, all while keeping the advanced functinality of typical automation apps. You shouldn't have to be a software engineer to set up automatic actions on your phone!

Simple Design

We believe the key to a great app starts with its design, overdo this and even the best of apps may not appeal to the masses. That's why we strictly adhere to Google's Material Design principle. This design language ties complex customizations into familiar, organic shapes which make it easy to navigate the application your first time!

Viewable Code

Smart Actions has been developed following the best coding practicies, this allows us to make sure we do things the best way possible. But like they say "To err is human", that's why we have uploaded our source code to github, feel free to take a look. If you find a better way to do something than how we are, please reach out, we would be glad to get it up to standards.

Constantly Improving

The best part of Android is every OS update brings new tools, and these new tools bring with them more ways to automate your phone. We will keep up with these changes and will incorporate them into Smart Actions. All this to make sure you can focus on the important things and not have to worry if you remembered to silence your phone before your meeting.

Free of Charge

Who doesn't like free things?! That's why we are making Smart Actions a COMPLETELY free app. No ads, no in-app purchases, no locked features, EVER. All yours to use for abolsutely no cost.

How Do I Start?

Think of an idea

Smart Actions is only as smart as your imagination. Go ahead and think of a scenario you want to automate. Once you realize it, you are set!

Create Trigger

Use one of the Triggers defined to implement your idea. Once you pick the trigger, configure it to your liking. Next time its conditions meet, your Actions will be called.

Don't see a Trigger for you? We're always expanding, feel free to shoot us an email and we'd be happy to add it to our list.

Assign Actions

Actions are the core of Smart Actions. Pick from of the possible options and configure them as much as you'd like.

Don't see an Action for you? We're always expanding, feel free to shoot us an email and we'd be happy to add it to our list.


Nice! Now you're good to go, no need to worry about doing your actions by hand anymore. Consider turning on the notification in the Smart Actions settings so you are aware of when Triggers get called.