Silence Everything Except Ringer

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About Our App

Seer silences all sounds except ringer so you will never miss a important phone call again.


Customize Volume

Pick the volume YOU want to ring your phone at. All of your notification sounds will be silenced once Seer is active.


Don't want to manually enable/disable Seer each time? No worries, neither would we, that's why we created schedules. You can create schedules for the weekdays and weekends.

Charge Mode

To add even more convenience, we've added "Charge Mode". Seer can automatically enable itself once you put your phone in charge. If you want of course!

How Do I Start?

Grant 'Do Not Disturb Access'

Seer needs 'Do Not Disturb Access' so we can control your volume levels when a phone call is incoming.

Set your Volume

Set your desired ringer volume in Seer.

Create a Schedule

Create your own schedule for Seer. It will automatically silence your notifications at the times you provide. Right now you can specify a schedule for the weekdays, and another for the weekend.


You're good to go! Now Seer will automatically enable/disable based on your schedule.

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