Ring Louder (RiLo)

Never Misplace Your Phone Again

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About Our App

RiLo can be used to raise your ringer volume once a call from a specific individual is received. Allowing you to make sure you never miss your spouse's or boss's call. It also allows you to find your phone if you misplace it while on silent.


Set Attempts

Don't want phone to ring the first time? No Worries! You can set the number of attempts, per person, before the ringer is turned up.

Customizable Volume

Some people might not want their phone to ring at max volume. If that is you, we have you covered. You can set the volume at which you want the phone to ring at with RiLo.

Find Phone

Ever had that situation where you misplace your phone, but it just happens to be on silent? So have we... Just add another number you can access to your list in RiLo, set the attempts, then you'll be set for the next time you misplace your phone.

How Do I Start?

Grant 'Do Not Disturb Access'

RiLo needs 'Do Not Disturb Access' so we can control your volume levels when a desired call is incoming.

Setup a Contact

Add and setup one of your contacts into RiLo. You can change the attempt at which you want to raise the volume.

Set your Volume

Set the desired ringer volume for your RiLo contacts.


You're good to go! Now RiLo will automatically raise your volume when one of your configured contacts call.

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